Defibrillators in schools

This is an interesting story. Accredited CPR training covers the use of defibrillators, however some teachers

28 Nov 2014

Defibrillation drones provide first aid response in emergencies

Drones to the rescue……… a new an innovative way to provide first aid emergency response defibrillation

4 Nov 2014

National Asthma week has a new theme

It’s National Asthma Week & ‘Take Control of your Asthma’ is the theme for this year.

5 Sep 2014

First aid and CPR training prepares lifesavers for rescue

Hats off to the two lifesavers who did their best to perform CPR on the fisherman

1 Sep 2014

CPR performed during flight to Brisbane

What’s the last place you might think of performing first aid? How many air crew would

29 Aug 2014